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After googling about *eune* mentioned in Aries 16 and not getting much apart from:


A Greek compound word made up of eune and echein. Eune means bed and is taken to refer to the marriage bed. Echein is the Greek word for "to have" or "to hold" and can mean either "to be in charge of" or "to keep away from." Usually, eunouchos is analyzed to mean "the one in charge of the marriage bed" or chamberlain, but it could as easily be seen as "the one who keeps away from the marriage bed." There is a separate word in Greek for castrated men and boys, ektomias, which comes from the Greek word for cutting, temno.

So if we're talking about *one* and separation ...... perhaps this is the marriage bed, the foundation ...... original source of joining and healing within each of our inner selves?

I then also googled one source mythology and found this which includes a lot about snakes ...... which I thought I'd include (not had time to read it all) due to the serpent being mentioned in this symbol's title.
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