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OK, so some musings on the title & card number:

Temperance, Magician and Emperor . The title makes me think of the Devil not Temperance. Air and Fire .. Create fire . So here the fire is all consuming, eating up the inner air, the inner mental thought processes.

Title . An instinctive reaction, protection and defence . Snakes can be dangerous . Coiling . Hmmm is it ready to strike or just about to nestle down?

Instant thoughts obviously same as everyone else on the Garden of Eden theme, Adam and Eve, snake and apple etc.

Yet when I link in the word of *revelation* I get a different image in my head . Kinda like a couple going about their business walking .. Unaware of the dangers lurking in the undergrowth.

Snake - wisdom, transformation and/or rebirth through shedding its skin .. Movement denoted a transitional period?

Snakes swallow their prey whole .. Have you ever seen a picture of a huge south american anaconda swallowing a human? It's scary!! As the prey is swallowed it moves down the throat .. And since (I believe) snakes have no teeth . Their muscles contract which breaks the prey down as it moves through the body so here a possible link to the breaking down of our structure our thought and belief patterns?

Also our external bodies . Shedding what is no longer needed . I see a link here to the human's spiritual changes and the snake because very often when we go through *change* that will manifest physically .. Be it skin break-outs, eczema, psoriasis .. And we also shed a percentage of our skin daily.

Another thought at the image of being swallowed, *being absorbed into the whole*, the moving to another level as denoted by Aries 5 (1+4=5).

Also, kundalini energy .. The universal life force .. As it coils and moves around our physical bodies and energy fields does it swallow our blockages whole .. Disgorging the parts we have no use for (as in lessons learnt or to be learned)?

Revelation a striking insight perhaps .. Like when a snake attacks with lightening speed?
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