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Question Max distance of Venus and Mercury: implications?

I have learnt that, Since Mercury and Venus are between Earth and Sun, they are sort of carried away by the Sun in its own movement, so that they won't be more distand than 30 and 45 degrees respectively.

I happen to have that occurring in my chart (AG, you will understand what I am referring too).
- Sun in Gemini, 15 I think
- Mercury in Taurus (eeeewwwww) 17 I think
- Venus in Leo (so much me!) 00/01 degress, I am sure LOL!!!

It means they are stretched on the Chart...
Has it got some special meaning, apart from the fact that Mercury should be in semisextile (correct spelling/name?) and Venus in half-square (I am sorry, I can't think of the english names... I think I am going to fall asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...)
Could it also mean that they werea aligned? I just get this idea when I think of them distanced as much as possible in my head...
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