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Originally Posted by banbha View Post
I did not know it was helpful with eczema. I must tell my sister who has it on her hands, thanks for the tip. Hopefully it will help her too.
I discovered it by accident. I had read that it's good for acid reflex (my doctor confirmed that it's a base, not an acid, so it works as a neutralizing agent, just not all day for most people like it does for me). As far as eczema, my dermatologist encouraged me to keep seeking a natural remedy, since all he could do is treat it with topical creams to alleviate the symptoms. After two weeks of taking it daily, the eczema blemishes started going away, and after a couple of months they were all gone. If I stop taking it for four or five days, they start coming back. It's not a remedy, just a suppressant, but I'll take it!

If you read the Bragg's literature, it's good for almost anything that ails you, but I figure that's just hype. The other thing I found is that if you buy it at a store that doesn't sell much of it, the "mother" enzyme gets kind of sludgy and nasty in the bottom of the bottle. If the bottom has a thick layer of "stuff" in it, look elsewhere.
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