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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
Are experiences with essential oils "allowed" here?
yes, of course it is!

I have used a mixture of essential oils (bay, rosemary, lavender, thyme, cedarwood) in a carrier oil (jojoba or coconut oil) for years to massage my scalp. It really encourages hair growth and makes the hair healthier. When I used this mixture regularly (twice a week, put in a dropper bottle, some drops distributed on the scalp and massaged in), I had great hair. It didn't work for my husband though who is half-bald.

I have also used catnip rinses for my hair as detangler, they worked well, too. And that's herbal because you really use the herb.
really??! Catnip?! Interesting! I have heard of coconut oil in the scalp and I have used it too--but I have to use a very teeny tiny amount, or it takes numerous shampoos to remove it so my hair isn't oily. I also have jojoba oil and love it too--often using it as a skin moisturizer--but its so expensive--I don't buy it often. [/quote]

I used to add strong rosemary and lavender infusions for my childrens' bath when they were younger, they all had sensitive skin. It was also relaxing. [/quote]

I never knew this either about rosemary & lavender--both which I do grow in my herbal garden. I also have very sensitive skin as does my daughter & grandchildren. this is good to know! I'll share it with the kid and maybe she will use this too.

Wherever I have lived, I have always started a herb garden with the usual kitchen herbs. I use fresh herbs every day in my kitchen.
yes, we do too. I also find myself giving a lot of it to our neighbor--who has only ever used store bought herbs in the shaker jar that you can get at the dollar store for - a dollar. while sometimes that is all you can get ahold of--I told her, wait till you've tried FRESH herbs! You'll see--nothing better! I've given her some for medicinal purposes--(aches & pains and not being able to sleep and headaches and nausea). She and her hubby were amazed how common plants/herbs can help with such things. I think I'll become known as the local "witch" doctor.
I also put fresh ginger and lemon slices in cold water to encourage my water intake when it's hot. I put them also in the water bottles I carry everywhere.
I am a bit water drinker myself and love lemon slices in it. I'll have to try the ginger slices too.

Thyme tea is good against cough but a non-herbal home remedy (syrup from fresh onion and brown sugar) is better in my experience.
I wonder if this is what my grandmother use to make. She made something for when people had colds--specifically pneumonia and it had a lot of onions in it. She was well known in her neighborhood as the town healer--and was credited for helping many there to survive a pneumonia epidemic in the area.

It's my dream to take a course and learn more about herbology. I have a lot of books but would like to learn it properly, especially about the specific herbs that grow in our region.
same here. there was one -- both a free one and one you could pay to take which was even deeper, but expensive---offered online through I think through "Mother Earth Living" at their website here:

It is a great magazine and a great site. check it out.

Originally Posted by Barleywine
I discovered it by accident. I had read that it's good for acid reflex (my doctor confirmed that it's a base, not an acid, so it works as a neutralizing agent, just not all day for most people like it does for me).
This is very interesting too.

If you read the Bragg's literature, it's good for almost anything that ails you, but I figure that's just hype. The other thing I found is that if you buy it at a store that doesn't sell much of it, the "mother" enzyme gets kind of sludgy and nasty in the bottom of the bottle. If the bottom has a thick layer of "stuff" in it, look elsewhere.
yes, and this is also what the lady I met said too.

Coyoteblack, I think the lemon and mint mixture sounds really good--even better then the lemon and ginger to me! When my sister in law visits, she likes to pick fresh mint and put it in her drinks too. It is refreshing.
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