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Vision Quest - Six of Water

Description: There are six bowls full of water sitting on rocks. There is a plant with six flowers that winds between the bowls. Behind the bowls is a rock wall with water spilling down, the water is hitting behind the closest bowl, and dividing into two streamlets.

Significant Details: The water bowls are full, showing their abundance. The flowers seem to add a sense of pleasure. The rocks signify stability. The water is flowing very powerfully, as are the two streamlets that are created. The water is signifying continued life. The plant is signifying growth and pleasure.

My Interpretation: You will experience much contentment and happiness. There are positive developments on the horizon. Allow yourself to enjoy your natural harmony, this may be a time for inner relaxation.

The rocks give a sense of earthiness, stability, security. The way the bowls are placed with the plant and the water, I think they were intentionally left. Maybe as part of a ritual or party? The orange flowers really give me a sense of pleasure. I want to join the party, or possibly create my own. This card is inviting, calling me to have fun. I can have fun because I know I'm secure, I'm with friends.
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