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Vision Quest - Two of Air

Description: There are two hands, different people, holding an eagle feather apiece, that are crossed. The background is of an ocean, with rocks jutting out, and above the feathers, you see the crescent moon. The sun is setting behind the feathers.

Significant Details: The sun is still putting off energy. The moon is affecting the waters, and you can see the waves coming towards the two people holding the feathers. The sun and moon together signify contradictions.

My Interpretation: You may find a new companion or friend. Things are in harmony and you will find good fortune. This is a time for inner peace.

The blue night sky and the waters give a very calming feeling. I can feel the sand and water on my feet, hear the tides arriving and leaving. I feel calm, relaxed, at peace.

Who are the people holding the feathers? I think they are friends who came to the beach for a little quiet and solitude.

Are they trying to block the sun? I'm not so sure they are attempting to "block" the sun as much as they are trying to allow the night to progress.
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