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Vision Quest - Eight of Air

Description: There is a raven sitting in the middle of the card, with eight feathers floating around him. The background has a splattering of blue and green.

Significant Details: The raven is a symbol of the creator, a connection to the spirit world. The feathers floating around the raven show that there is a disturbance.

My Interpretation: There are unforeseen obstacles and challenges in your life. You have less energy than normal, possibly due to misgivings and worries.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The feathers floating around the raven could be his own. Thus, the interference could be brought on by his own thoughts. Maybe this signifies that we are creating our own obastacles and challenges? We may have less energy because we are mentally/spiritually tired?

When comparing the 7(Futility) and the 9(Hurt) to the 8(Interference) I notice that the 7 and the nine are more "postive" cards. There is more of a sense of loss in the 8, than in the other two. This card actually makes me think of the XVI (Chaos/Tower) card. But as the Chaos card is brought on by circumstances, I feel that the 8 of Air is brought on by our own mental/spiritual issues.
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