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Numerology Reference: 8 - Movement, Change, Action or Inaction, Accomplishment, Power, Rebirth, Regeneration, Reevaluate

Keywords*: Interference, interrupted energy flow, inhibitions, being in the head too much, misgivings and worries, stagnant forces, unforeseen obstacles and challenges

Inner message*: Your brain canít decide for or against anything right now. Actually, thereís no need to solce all your problems at once. Thoughts have their limitations, they get you only so far. Now relax and let everything that threatens to overwhelm you drop off for a moment. Then see what arises.

Outward manifestation*: A situation demands to be cleared up. But there may be obfuscation or a delay caused by unexpected outside interference. Detach! It is wiser to step back. Simply wait what happens. At the moment you are not the only player on that stage. Others may have totally opposing agendas and views. So watch what develops from a certain distance. A delay often reveals a more creative solution. Donít push for a decision now! From confusion arises only more confusion.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Why do you keep interfering in your own process? Why do you feed that damn black bird?

My Interpretation: The previous cards was your inner interference and uncertainty, this card represents the outward uncertainty. There may be a delay on your project or work. There will be unforeseen obstacles and challenges coming. You will have less energy than normal, possibly due to misgivings and worries. Everything is solvable, do not lose hope. Detach yourself from everything that is going around you to gain insight what or how you should solve this problem.
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