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Originally Posted by Kgirl View Post
Five of Wands/ Eight of Pentacles/Ten of Swords

G is a very busy and focused person. This is largely because they have experienced a great loss and are just starting to get over something and they are trying to deal with everyday problems.

They seem to have alot on their plate
Agh, I already know that, I was hoping for a deep dark secret or something, lol! XD

Originally Posted by Kgirl View Post
Q: What can I expect to see happen between he and I in the next month?

Tower RX - Knight of Pents RX - Page of Wands

blocking change - inertia - advancement

You'll miss quite the proposal if you don't change your approach and become more involved and active in the relationship!


Q: Will I ever get to meet G face to face, if so, when, how?
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