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Originally Posted by Roy View Post
The Hierophant - 6 of Pentacles - The Hanged Man
Base: 4 of Pentacles

Society standards - Give and not receive - Other side
Hidden thoughts

okay i watched the video for the first time and funny enough the reading remains the same.

It's about unrequited love and requited love. Being with the person and not being with them. Loving them at the same time though. So he's trying to point out the extremes in feelings to the audience

What's A feel for me?
5 cups rx / queen cups / 9 pents
hope / empathy / independence

A would like to think there's a chance to be with you because they care about you deeply, but they are quite content where they're at and it doesn't matter to them one way or the other at this point.


what's X feel for/think about Y?
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