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Wow chaps, I am knocked out by this positive response to the new project.
The departure from tarot feels quite alien, but ultimately quite freeing, the images for this one just flowed like it was all there inside me, ready to land on the page with silent splash.

I said before somewhere that Sarah Howard will does not have a system, this is not entirely so, as there will be 4 rough groupings for the cards, I do not wish a reader to have to slavishly consult a LWB to make anything of the cards as they are really designed for intuitive reading.

Are there oracle readers about who might have any thoughts on this. I do not see the deck as being read Lenormand style.

The card titles so far are generally short sentences. Will I keep these on the cards or change them to one word titles. This may be done with some thought and put the phrases in the book?........Hmmmm more pondering required.

I got that furry dog sorted out yesterday, the new morning brought fresh incite and I think he is okay now. I will post him later and one more I completed this weekend.

I going to get a "people" card done today.

Thanks again for the encouragement. If I allowed it this could become "that tricky 2nd album" you hear about. I am hoping to circumnavigate that by making a non-tarot deck.
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