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I hope this thread is not dead and it is ok to post

I found this description of an 'invalid question' interesting.

"Any question that asks you to reveal the mind of God or the fundamental purpose of life, or even the existence or not of the deity. You are not authorised to speak for God, nor are you able to read the divine purpose from a horary chart or indeed any chart, unless God chooses to reveal herself through it. So if the question is 'Does God intend me to be a missionary to Alabama?' You don't accept the question but you do try to negotiate a change - see below."

I found this interesting. Where does this caution come from? Christianity? or even earlier?

I ask because in Vedic astrology, this is a perfectly valid question. Vedic horary astrology is called "prashna" (sanskrit for 'question') and there is a sub branch (very much a specialty) called "deva prashna" (literally "asking God (or a god) a question" and an extremely skilled astrologer is called a 'daivajna' (Sanskrit for "he who knows (the mind of/will of) God")

Interesting that different cultures can have such different attitudes. (i have no idea which, if either, of these ideas is 'right' etc. I just thought the contrast was worth noting)
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