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From memory, I think it's paraphrase of John Crawley, who is a staunch Catholic. However, Western Horary has only really existed under Islam or Christianity, both of which religions would take a serious exception to questioning the existence of God, or questioning God's purpose.

Throughout It's history under Christendom, judicial Astrology (of which Horary is a part) was deeply suspect. Any Astrologer who claimed he could read Gods will was effectively challenging the Christian churches claim to be the sole path to God.

In a more polytheistic culture the question looses some of its meaning, if we are talking about the purpose of one God amongst the many. Moreover 'Will god X aid my fight against cancer?' and 'Will the new drug help my fight against cancer?' are very similar questions relating to my health. There is a grey area between the two positions.

There is also an argument that if horary is a form of divination, then it has the existence of God as a primary axiom. No God, No answer!
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