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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I have the Visconti, Klimt, Botticelli, Nefertari, Estensi, Tsar... and I want to have the Mantegna very very much.

All the golden decks I have are beautiful, sturdy and readable. Some more than others, though. The Estensi has some difficult cards, the Klimt is a bit montone-melancholic in mood, and the Tsar's minors are difficult to see. But they're all amazingly beautiful, cohesive and intelligent decks. I'm not a fan of the multi lingual titles but all these decks are special to me.
Whoa, you've only got four more to go Nemia. You can do it!

I've heard polar reviews on the Renaissance btw, but I can't help but like it. In fact, it's my next target.
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