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Originally Posted by nisaba View Post
I used my copy of the Nefertari the other day. Satisfyingly Egyptian-like, and lush with gold. What I particularly noticed this time that i used it, was that there were all sorts of ornate curves and curls in the texture of the beautiful reflective gold backgrounds on every card. Who could resist its charms?
I can't agree with you more, nisaba. I have already read a lot of reviews and saw many videos of it online, and the richly-textured, generous foil background makes it a formidable deck that is leagues above its more staid sisters. It's a lush, lavish, vain little thing that can't help but preen and dazzle and overwhelm those who behold it so that for it, standing out is a pretty effortless exercise. I can't help but think how it looks so divinely inspired, like something that ancient Egyptian royalty with their cult of the sun could have conceivably used if the Tarot existed back then. Reading it in candlelight must be quite a hypnotic experience.

I'm so tempted to buy it right now, but I already have 4 decks and 4 separate books coming my way, and with my dream deck being one of them and an IDS in the offing, I'm afraid I may not be able to give the Nefertari the attention it deserves. I still know that there's no way this magnificently-plumaged rara avis won't end up in my hands one day.
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