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I do agree that one should have all the unfailingly gorgeous metallic LS decks. And they are fortunately on the cheap side --well, except for the Nefertari, which is the only one I don't have. (Is the Byzantine a LS deck? Can't remember. I don't have that one, either.)

Like I said, they are unfailingly gorgeous. Some are a little less inventive than others (I'm looking at you, Botticelli. I mean, really? How many Venuses and Madonnas of the Magnificat? Atanassov was asleep at the wheel there...).

And some, like the otherwise magnificent Renaissance, are a bit, should I say, WTF-ish. Though perhaps that's due to my trying to shoehorn it into a more traditional Tarot structure. Surprisingly enough, the Mantegna -- which is its own animal and not what we think of as Tarot at all -- reads very well for me.
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