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Blood Moon

You know what I kind of ran into trouble with the Blood Moon. It looked great on a few individual cards, but with the whole deck like that, it just looked like a bunch of tomatoes. I couldn't get the tomatoes out of my head.

I had a car fire & lost my computer AND my back-up drive in December, & lost a ton of graphics. Blood Moon among them. You thought my early decks looked like they'd been through a fire? THIS is what my decks look like after a fire - attaching. I don't have the graphics anymore for the Blood Moon & I'd have to start from scratch. I do have some ideas for a deck for next year.....even some variations of this deck. Here I'll show you some of the ones I was playing around with before I settled on this design. I really liked several of them & I will probably use at least one of these designs in the future. And I'm not ruling out a Blood Moon for sure. I just need to figure out how to make it not a tomato moon. I dunno maybe that would be catchy - the Tomato Moon Tarot - hahaha!

ya...THANKS FOR THE FIRE, U-HAUL! It was because of their luggage tray & they didn't tell me I needed to re-route the exhaust. Did they offer to even pay for the luggage tray that supposedly had an "Unlimited 5 year Warranty" ? Heck no. Nada. People could have been killed in this. U-Haul didn't care at all.
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