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Originally Posted by G6 View Post
I just shipped a deck to Canada on Monday and it was only $2 more than USPS Priority within the US. I'm not aware of where it would cost $40-80 to ship a deck? Is that real?
Well.. there are a lot of places. Some are only $18- $20 but, for me, that is still too high. Demark from what a member here quoted me was $17/$18 shipping plus the cost of the deck they were selling. I declined the purchase. I can buy a brand new deck with free shipping for that. If I were really desperate then maybe. Another one is $55 dollars to ship. Same thing.. declined to trade as the shipping was way more than what a deck would be worth. Plus the point of trading is for fun not stress of being out money.

Canada isn't far and I know how cheap it is to ship. I was referring to you stating that everyone must be willing to ship 'anywhere". I don't as shipping costs are ridiculous to some parts of the world. I would be okay with USA and CANADA. I do reserve the right to decline anything more than $10 though. It doesn't make sense to spend and lose money on a trade. In my opinion at least.

I do appreciate you starting a trading type thread, but I won't be spending a lot of money to ship to someplace more than Priority Flate Rate in the USA. Sorry!

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