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Originally Posted by LadyKathryn View Post
I got judgment rx/ the. I reshuffled and got ace of Wands rx.
I feel like I want to say go slowly. Things could fizzle or sizzle. KS might not be quite as ready as you are

Can I expect any developments between us tomorrow?
oh we have known each other a long time, this is not something new
It is not about starting something, but to juggle some challenges

10 of pentacles : this is a very solid, slow, stable card. So I would say no, nothing new, but just the same as things have been.I would say slow....nothing too dramatic.


How will evolve my relationship with my boyfriend?

Empress : it will become more nurturing...also try not to be too overbearing , or push for things to move too fast or your way. Give him some space...

Q: what can I expect to happen between us in the next 3 months ?
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