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What I noticed was the similarity to the RW Lovers with the angel standing over Adam and Eve, from an angle more directly opposite the statue I think this parallel would be clearer, however I think we are encouraged to look at the situation from the woman's perspective to see into her sense of choice (also a theme in older Lovers cards). Again, in these older versions of Lovers, a man had to choose between a matured dark haired woman (the 'mother', representing safety, what was known) and a younger blonde haired woman (a chance to find love outside of our own safety networks and therefore grow), this parallel is also graphically depicted. The angel of temperance stands between the two lovers, however instead of blessing them like archangel Raphael in the RW version, he/she warns them not to make extreme or rash decisions based on emotions (represented by the chalice), however desirable (red rose in hair) they might seem at the time. But the description included in the book seems to encourage trust in (the miracle of) love, so maybe her temperate attitude in the situation is holding her back from being with the man she seemingly truly desires?
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