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Additional points about the Hierophant.

The Hierophant leads the many where the High Priestess leads only a few. He may become what he symbolizes, uniting the everyday with the other worldly, thereby making his role as message giver eclipse the religion itself.

Given rule of the earth by his father Geb, Osiris civilized man by giving him laws, agriculture and religion. Osiris is the god of life, death and fertility.

He wears the Atef crown, which is composed of the Hedjet (the white part, which represents Upper Egypt and was thought to contain the protective powers of Nekhebet) with feathers (symbolizing righteousness) on either side of it. The Uraeus is mounted on the front of the crown, although it's not shown rearing as it normally is.

At the beginning of their reigns, pharaohs raised the Djed as a means of re-enacting the resurrection of Osiris and his triumph over Set. This act was thought to bring stability and good fortune to the pharaoh and his reign. Inscribed on the Djed are hieroglyphs for the eye and the throne. The eye is a symbol for Horus, while the throne is a symbol for Isis; but together, they form the name Asar, which is another of Osiris' names.

The raised dais upon which the Hierophant sits puts him above the level of his followers and provides him with the first step on the ascent to Heaven.

The Apis bull stands behind Osiris, referring to the belief that it joined with Osiris after death to become Osiris-Apis, who later became Serapis, a deity who combined both Egyptian and Greek deities into one form. The Apis bull shares some traits with Osiris - he was a fertility god and was a protector of the deceased.

The crook and flail are symbols of authority.

His beard shows his authority and virility, the latter of which is extraordinary considering that he's missing his penis, yet was still able to father Horus.

An elephant can be seen through the two pillars that are behind Osiris. (I don't see the elephant as charging, as was stated earlier in this thread.) The two pillars form a doorway or portal. Because elephants are symbols of intelligence and wisdom, the suggestion is that those who seek wisdom must go through the Hierophant to get to it.

His red-orange robes symbolize sexuality and energy. His white robes symbolize faith, purity, perfection, enlightenment, truth and the divine.

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