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Originally Posted by rwcarter
I'm reading about the World in the companion book and it mentions that the four animals of the elements may be seen in this card. I didn't remember that, so I had to look again. The Apis is obviously the bull. The dove that I just noticed must be the bird. I'm guessing that Osiris in human form represents man. And Horus must represent the lion, since they both are solar. Unlike in the Wheel and the World though, they don't reside in the corners of the card.


I'm guessing the right pillar shows Sekhmet (representing the lion).

Some other interesting features...

The bull has the symbol for Earth on it's forehead.
Horus is holding a snake.

I'd advise everyone studying this deck to have a peek in Crowley's Book of Thoth. Barrett uses many symbols from the Thoth deck and the BoT fills in a lot of the gaps regarding what they a Crowley-convoluted way!
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