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I noted your cards when you posted them, I had my initial thoughts from just the 'list' of cards but wanted to lay them out fully before I put any words to the cards- it came in two parts.
Lark has already opened up the same issue I felt from the cards-
here's the first part-

Mooncat's Fey
1. My task - what I need to do - 7 Chalices
2. The problem - 6 Chalices
3. The solution - Devil
4. What I don't understand - King Pentacles
5. What its all about - 2 Chalices

Maybe the playful and balanced nature of the Fey somehow sparked a childhood memory. I wonder......where you ever told that your imaginary friend did not exist? or maybe you thought they would laugh if you told them? or thought you where nuts so ignored 'it' ?.....'someone/thing' may be trying to get back in touch with you. As children, we remember feelings more than anything. Try and think of a time when you felt this way before....
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