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second part

So the Fey where silly- believing in them was something to grow out of? I don't understand the snuffing of imagination- it is a developed imagination that allows the mind to remain open to these other dimentions...snuffing of the imagination!
Look at the Devil, he devours that which he desires, and he's on fire! he's devouring all those things that went against what is within his world. I see the solution as feeding your passions. What you don't see are the advantages of returning to the 'world' you once lived in. It is not just the Fey that you where steered away from, it was much of all those things fantastic. Too fantastic to be of any use? non-sense!
Other than the King and the Devil, the reading consists of Chalices, ending with the 2. A new (re)union is to become of it. One that will be very advantagous emotionally.

{your mother? I thought maybe a grandparent, possibly your father- mother, that is quite suprising to me}
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