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I really enjoyed your introduction to this card Moongold. I have no affinity to the card even tho it is my life card. When I first got this AET Deck, I saw 'The Heirophant' and the raging Bull Elephant behind him I thought 'Hmmm when you have a wild elephant in your life you should give it plenty of room'.
This particular example of The Heirophant has reconciled me somewhat, and the issues of a different Trinity also helps. I have long railed against the patriacal attitude of Christianty as we now know it. I had not thought about the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods been so obviously equal opportunity Gods.
I especially like the way Egyptians looked upon their Deities. The Gods lived lives very much like their subjects, in many ways like a divine Soap opera. You have strong individuals, be they male or female. I like that. I could go on about how I think Christianity will die long before 3000 years come to pass, because it denys a good 50% of the population its rightful place, but that is another time and place. This card gives me a lot of peace. ~Rosanne
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