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Red face Gilded Tarot ---Page of Pentacles---Emotions

There are significant aspects of the Page card that elicit distinct emotional responses:
* The vibrant emerald aura that surrounds and infuses this card instantly soothes and relaxes me.
* The sky is depicted in a highly unique and unusual way and brings to mind moments of my childhood when my favorite moments were the first few minutes of a thunderstorm and the immense excitement I felt.
* The abundant foliage and perfect blooms stir up feelings of peace and contentment.

Step 3-1) The Page is observing something just outside our vision that has him fully engrossed in his thoughts and oblivious to the richness that surrounds him. The intense focus to his gaze reveals that whatever he sees is of great interest and worthy of his absolute attention. The slight turn of his lips suggests that he is just as pleased with what he is seeing as he is with what he is contemplating. The presence of the peacock reflects a calm, peaceful atmosphere. It's relaxed posture tells me there is no crisis to be wary of. With his head fully turned and his eyes firmly fixated on the Page there is an underlying current of curiosity and anticipation for action.

Step 3-2) Look at how much ceremony is followed as they finish setting up for the competition! Such reverence! Such regard for detail! I wonder what it will feel like to stand among them as one of them rather than standing faceless and inconsequential in the background... They will finally see my face and watch as I prove that I have learned their skills and am a worthy and capable opponent! That I can bring value to their brotherhood and clever contributions to their strategies! When I get my opportunity to gain their attention I will finally be able to show them that I am ready for their challenges. I must stay focused.

Step 3-3) When I was a sophomore in high school I was the new kid on the scene. I was from a poor family that had moved from the South to New England and the transition was a rough one. I went from being a relatively popular girl, accepted and loved by my many friends, to becoming an object of scorn and ridicule, cast out of a community that denied me entry because my clothes were second-hand and my accent was associated with ignorance and inbreeding. My mother had attended the same school when she was a teenager and it just so happened that I ended up with the same English teacher she had. He was a bitter and scathing man and I found myself the focus of his derision. He referred to me in class as 'Superstar'. The reason for this being that I did not actively participate in class and rarely did I ever complete a homework assignment, so his deduction of my behavior was that since I did not take part in anything then I must know everything. He also advised the class that I did not care about my grades and did not do homework because I was going to be a 'Superstar'.
On one particular day he decided to do an in-class assignment that consisted of writing a short story within 30 minutes. Loving writing the way I do I sneered with self-gratification when, at the end of the 30 minutes, I handed in my very first completed assignment for that class. The following day he did not greet me with his customary 'Superstar' salutation. He simply sat at his desk and barked for everyone to be quiet. He proceeded to flap a handful of papers in the air as he began to very excitedly tell the class about a single story written the day before. He used the words 'amazing', 'incredible', 'miraculous'. He told us that the student who had written the story was one that he had misjudged as lazy and a waste of space when in fact this student was brilliant and clever and was the first kid in his class for the past 20 years that inspired and astounded him within a matter of 30 minutes. He walked to my desk and leaned down into my face and very intently apologized to me in front of the entire class for his completely wrong assessment of my character. He proclaimed that I was an exceptionally gifted writer and then turned and read my paper with great pomp and vigor. It was at that moment that I was filled with the spirit and promise of the Page of Pentacles.

I apologize for the lengthy post. I know we're not supposed to really get so wordy. But I felt it was a necessary evil and that I will be forgiven as long as I don't make it a habit.
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