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21 Ways to read a Tarot card - Step 3

STEP 3, The Gilded Tarot - Nine of Wands

Step 3-1) The soldier, who's paused momentarily, appears profoundly weary but has still taken great care to stand the majority of his wands upright, before taking a resting, though still-defensive, posture in front of them. He's remained forward-facing, and appears resigned to the knowledge that he's not yet reached his destination, but must gather his last resources for a final push

He exudes an air of palpable exhaustion, whilst still remaining poised for action, if required.

EMOTIONS & FEELINGS INVOLVED: Exhaustion, resignation, determination, pride, honour.

Step 3-2) I am so very far into my long journey, but still can't believe there's no end in sight yet. I must rest, even though I know it can't be for long. I afford myself the small luxury of closing my eyes for a moment or two, whilst still cautioning myself to remain vigilent.

Everything hurts; a deep, bone-grinding ache permeates my entire being, and I'm still not sure whether leaving my boots behind was more of a curse than a blessing.

Look at me! How pitiful I must seem to anybody who happens to be looking - poor bloody me, whining whilst carrying such a wonderful burden.

Step 3-3) This particular card is very apt for me, at this point in my life. My wife is disabled (an ongoing, degenerative problem), unable to walk or work, whilst I continue to work full-time. I currently spend my time at work to continue to support us, worrying that she's going to be okay whilst I'm away.

When I get home, I have to try to make enough time for both her and the evening chores, and tend to ignore my own needs to unwind and relax.

On our weekends, I do my upmost to ensure we have quality time together, and get out and about, whilst she's still well enough to enjoy this.

I really do feel almost as tired as the soldier in this card, but know that I'm ready for the next set of problems, as I continue to carry our family forwards.

As can be seen above, I'm also more than aware that I can slip into a 'poor me' frame of mind, from time-to-time, and temporarily loose sight of what it is I'm working for.

I'm dreading moving forwards, into a Ten of Wands situation, but know that I must.
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