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21 Ways-Step 3

Paulina Tarot, Queen of Wands

3.1- Confident, at ease, nonchalant, sure of place in world, knowing that someone relies on them and in turn they can rely on that someone, feisty, pride, almost lazy way of getting things done (Yeah yeah, I'll do it. I'm doing it now, but it'll be at my own pace, and a big eff you if it doesn't suit you).

3.2- The day is going my way, as it should be. I put on a catty smile, enjoying my spotlight. I have friends who love me, family who takes care of me, and I dmn well know that I look good. I hold up my staff as a way to show my power, but also as a welcoming gesture to please, come and chat and maybe we can have fun.

3.3- If I were a court card, it would definitely be the Queen of Wands. Every other day of the week this card just screams THIS IS ME.
sooo. basically: I felt good, I looked good, and I dominated.
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