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Okay, okay. I am posting.

I need another deck to study like I need another hole in my head. I bought this deck awhile ago and though "Oh, that's nice" put it down and continued my patient wait for the Legacy of the Divine tarot.

Seeing the activity on the forum got me reinterested and so I thought I would chime in my humble opinion. Making no promises for how long I will stay around studying this deck but on this fine Sunday morning it has captured my attention.

A few things I love about this deck.

I am sure someone has said this somewhere before but this deck feels a bit like darker emo sister to the Fey tarot. It has a fantastical feel with almost an edge of reality. The moody twilight coloring is a draw and soothing in a magical sense of being lulled under a spell. In last couple of years I have personally been drawn to the somber tones of the oranges, purples, greens and blues.

The dark borders are a real plus for me too. I know that they don't age as well as white borders and that many people don't like that but I do. I think that with this deck it was very necessary to have that dark edge around the cards. I would like this deck a lot less if it had a white border. Unfortunately, that is what happened to my Dame Fortuneís Wheel tarot, saw the white borders hated it and put it back in the box and havenít used it since. This deck got it right.

Also the Court Cards are great! Each of the ranks seem to have their own little personalities. At first glance I am not sure that they are traditional but are very descriptive and evoke a great feeling from each of them.

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