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The tiger, like all of the other Chinese astrological signs do, correspond to one of the five elements of earth, fire, water, wood, or metal. The specific combination only occurs once every sixty years, so an exact date would be required here.

I think in Indian astrology, your particular sign doesn't change from Virgo, since you were born the last few days of it. I think the Vedic name is Kanya, still ruled by Mercury.

I'm more familiar with Celtic astrology. You're a white swan. Your tree is the vine, ruled by Venus here. Muin is the word. You're a full moon Vine, born in the last couple of weeks. Swans are supposed to be sensual, organized, discriminating, with mood swings and social skills. They are easily capable of being underestimated, and can be overdependent. Late Vines, such as yourself, are forgiving and tolerant, and are fond of emeralds.
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