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Ahh, these are valid concerns, though I wouldn't be addressing them in the video, and even if I do declare the packages as gifts, it'd probably be unwise for me to publicly state it as I'm betting that's not the most legal of things to do.

With that said, I shipped 10 posters to Belgium for 30USD. The package for that is 18"x12"x2", so quite large in comparison to what a tarot deck would be. And I always declare the value to be something like 15-20USD.

DDWarks: Are you saying that the Tabula Mundi deck, on top of shipping, cost another 30 quid simply to pick up? Is that like a sales tax or something? How much does the Tabula Mundi deck normally sell for? If my guess is anywhere near accurate, that sounds like a 50% tax or something horrifying like that.
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