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Originally Posted by Arthurdubya View Post
Ahh, these are valid concerns, though I wouldn't be addressing them in the video, and even if I do declare the packages as gifts, it'd probably be unwise for me to publicly state it as I'm betting that's not the most legal of things to do.

With that said, I shipped 10 posters to Belgium for 30USD. The package for that is 18"x12"x2", so quite large in comparison to what a tarot deck would be. And I always declare the value to be something like 15-20USD.

DDWarks: Are you saying that the Tabula Mundi deck, on top of shipping, cost another 30 quid simply to pick up? Is that like a sales tax or something? How much does the Tabula Mundi deck normally sell for? If my guess is anywhere near accurate, that sounds like a 50% tax or something horrifying like that.
The 'customs tax' I paid on top of shipping to Uk for Tabula Mundi deck and book set was about 26. The shipping was also about 26. So yeah, an extra 52 on top of a $70 (53) set is really bruising. I think the customs was more than usual as it was sent by priority airmail. Rather than pay 15ish to Royal Mail on collection, I got a customs bill in the post that I had to pay online before the item was delivered. I don't think this is necessarily something you can address in a video but worth knowing different shipping methods can affect customs tax amounts for UK folks.
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