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The Reading
The Querent -- Reading for:

The curious/skeptical
Family members
Teenagers/young adults
For someone on line
Public Cases
Reading someone without permission
Readings about others
Reading for a third person

General Reading Techniques
What to say when wrapping up a reading
What do you think of one-card readings?

Reading in Special Situations
To converse with the dead
In public
On a palm pilot
anybody read during full or new moons?
Long Distance Readings

Reading Problems
Readings that don't work
Negative readings
Really way off readings
Strange Readings
really off readings
Confusing Readings
Irrelevant readings
Reader's Block
The Reading doesn't count when
Do you parrot or read cards?
How to make your tarot readings longer
Online readings: how could you possibly believe in them?
Online Tarot Readings?
what if a question is a lie?
bad deck?
What do you do when a reading is totally off the mark? (+ the tricky Courtcards)
Cards you *still* don't get!
Is it possible not to be able to read

Reading for yourself
What about reading for yourself?
How do you do an effective reading for yourself?
Self-Reads v/s Reading For Others (DollChica)
Self-Readings vs. Readings for Others (ChrisTheObscure)
Reading for Yourself
Reading for Self/Developing Intuition/Cleansing the Deck
Reading as meditation/for answers
How often do you read for yourself?
When reading for yourself do you take from deck or...


Newbie & General Questions

Beginnerís Query & reversed cards????
When do you know to reverse meanings?
How do reversed cards work?
Should newbies wait before using reversals?
Are my spreads wrong if I don't use reversals?
Can Majors be read reversed too?
Ill-Dignified...How Can You Tell?
Reversals a must?
reversals, should we or should we not?
Reversals were NOT designed in original tarot
Reversals: how important is consistency?

How do you interpret reversed cards?
What's the general opinion about reversals...?
Reversed cards as opposites?
Reversals as blockage
Using Reversals Unsuccessfully

Do you or don't you...
Reversals or not???
To reverse or not to reverse?
Reversals or no reversals... that is the question!
What does it mean to not use reversals?
Reversals, and the lack thereof
In a Celtic Cross, upright the crossing card?
Reading Reversals - My Perspective

Shuffling for reversals
A, maybe strange, question about reversals
Creating Reversals
Practical Reversals question sans debate
Ultra-stupid question on reversed cards
Am I upside down?
Question concerning Reversals?

Poll: To allow reversals or not - that is the question!
Poll: Do you use reverse meanings
Poll: Do you use reversals?
Do you use a base card in readings?
Do you use Astrology when reading Tarot?

Reversals -- opinions, please
Other special techniques

Majors Only

Yes/No cards
My Yes/No Cards by Fudugazi
What card guarentees a "yes"

How to do a reading with all 78 Cards
Any advise on finding names or initials
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