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This reminds me of AA principles, as does so much of Buddhist philosophy. Getting rid of "self" is very important in AA.

When I got sober, I learned not to be ashamed to cry. I've always been embarrassed by my tears for some reason. I'm a real fountain because I'm touched deeply not only by pain, but also by beauty. It's like pain is too painful and beauty is too beautiful for me. I wear a roll of toilet paper around my neck. I cry not only for the sad things but for parades to honor servicemen, Christmas pageants for little kids, weddings, speeches, graduations, music recitals----you name it. I'd have liked to be a midwife, but I cry when babies are born, too. Who wants a sobbing midwife? Well, I don't sob, but I'm certainly deeply touched by births.

Now I've learned that if tears roll, let'em roll. If people look at me funny, let'em look. Maybe they'll learn something.
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