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Originally Posted by Judy
I'm sorry, but your message is not clear. I have no clue what your saying
Sorry if I wasn't clear, I'll see if I can try to be clearer:
You say this:
Originally Posted by Judy
(Im having trouble with the meaning of the cards with an *)

For example, how would this be interpreted?
1 schizophrenia
2 patience
7 clinging to the past
8 awareness *
What is the other title to these cards - is 'schizophrenia' the two of something?
Maybe it would be easier for people to help you if you gave the complete title of the card.
I realise that the Osho Zen isn't a traditional tarot but it still has suits and Major and Minor arcana cards yet your post doesn't have anything other than the keywords on the bottom of the cards.

And as your reading is consistent in the study of this deck then it is ok to post it here so long as you are discussing symbolism etc found in this deck and not just wanting help with a reading.
If you do need help with particular readings then the Your Readings forum is the place to post along with your own take on the cards.

Readings depend upon a lot more than just the meanings of individual cards and that is why it's hard to help with just one position meaning, a reading is a whole thing and each card's meaning depends upon context and the other cards around it.

I hope that's made my previous post a bit more understandable.
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