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Judy, I think I understand your question now.

I don't think the Osho Zen Celtic Cross spread (hereafter OZCC) positions are intended to be significantly different from the positions in a standard CC. That having been said, I agree that the CC generally is not the easiest spread in the world to use, and I tend not to use it a lot with any deck. I personally think that there are other spreads that make better use of the OZ's unique "voice" than the CC.

To explain further, the position 2 card in the OZCC is intended to be a direct response to the card in position 1, the card that represents the issue addressed by the reading.

The position 7 card in the OZCC represents the querent, if you're reading the cards for someone else, or YOU, if you're reading for yourself. This card tells you something important about the person asking the question.

The position 8 card in the OZCC represents an external force, one beyond your control, that is important for understanding the issue that was the purpose of the reading.

What specific cards might mean in those slots, and how you would relate those specific cards to one another in an OZCC reading really is, as I understand Sulis, a post for the Your Readings area.


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