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Originally Posted by Judy
I was under the impression that the Osho deck is independent of the traditional tarot meanings because of its focus on the present and the persons thoughts and feelings. I took that to mean that it's more about your spiritual journey and conscious evolution. I am not familiar with the traditional tarot at all, although I have read through some books and the information on this site to see if I could get more insight into the cards I was having trouble with. In some cases the traditional meaning did not match the Osho meaning.

Then based on the above feedback, I need to learn the traditional tarot as well in order to use this deck? Can this deck not be used independently without that knowledge?

I don't think the Osho Zen deck was intended to be "independent" of traditional tarot meanings. "Traditional" tarot, after all, can also be all about one's spiritual journey and conscious evolution. I personally have little interest in using the cards to "predict."

My impression of the Osho Zen deck is that its designer(s) knew a great deal about "traditional" tarot in assembling the deck. For some cards, they stuck very true to the original meanings. For others, they took very different tacks indeed. Do you need to learn the more traditional tarot meanings to read the deck? No. Might it be helpful? Yes.

Speaking very broadly, you can read tarot with some nod to the conventional card meanings, or you can read tarot intuitively. The others on this thread have been asking what you feel is the source of the trouble you say you are having, and your answers seem to indicate you are having trouble reading intuitively (this isn't how you phrased it--just my words). This led me, at least, to refer you back to the more conventional card meanings.

But if you don't want to do that, as it seems you may not, that leaves you making intuitive readings again. I don't know what else to recommend, other than to note that there are threads that you can read within this deck study that discuss each 79 of the Osho Zen cards, and you may find some insight there, for example on the Conditioning card. Conditioning comes from outside us after all.

Hope this is of some help to you.

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