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Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
Anyhow, the guy in this 10 of Wands has lower back pain something fierce, reminiscent of the acupuncture job shown in most 10 of Swords. The crushing weight in his back is doubtless causing vertebral compaction and collapse, doing who knows what to the enclosed spinal nerve. If he had a spinal-nervous breakdown, it would be no surprise. This ties in with the given meaning about people who take on too much, and control freaks; martyrs would fit in here too: all of them are people who try to be THE nucleus of their situation, whether actively or passive-aggressively, around whom all else revolve, not being as useful and important as them! The situation tends to be self-correcting in a self-defeating way. A fused, compacted spine becomes rigid, and no more burdens can be carried.
LOL that's genius!

I must admit, even looking at this card gives me back ache. The flare of intense light from the neutron star reflects the sudden flaring of pain in the back.

I can't really add that much to these two great posts, except to say that the next stage on from the intensely compacted matter of a neutron star is a black hole (the Devil card in the Quantum). A black hole is created (so the theory goes) when the gravitational forces of a collapsing star are so great, causing the matter to be crushed and compacted so severely, that it creates a massive distortion - perhaps even a rip - in space-time.

This would be the end of the road for the 10 of Wands person I guess - the moment of breakdown, or utter subjugation in the case of the martyr.
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