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Originally Posted by nisaba
Around the Wheel of the galaxy is some Latin text. My Latin is atrocious and I don't have a dictionary: Kay or Chris, are you still here? A translation would add to our understanding of the card. I see word-components that remind me of royalty, but that's about the best I can do, I'm afraid <blush>.
and scramble to change out positions so as to not be run over and crushed.
Can't help you there I'm afraid - the latin text was Chris's idea But I do believe it's a component of a Wheel of Fortune card in one of the tarot traditions...but I can't remember which one!

The woman in the card is supposed to be the Roman goddess Fortuna, in charge of the wheel. I linked this card with quantum mechanics because it introduced the concepts of chance and probability into physics. Before quantum theory, things in the world of physics always obeyed fixed laws and behaved themselves in a respectable manner. The inherent unpredictability of the universe at the subatomic level is very counter-intuitive and a real shock to those of us with a determinist view of the world
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