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One of the most famous galaxies in the sky called the "Whirlpool". Galaxy and the Whirlpool associated with the origin of life and its development in a spiral. Galaxy, in the process of their growth and increasing distance themselves from each other, they rotate in a spiral.

Relatively Whirlpool, we know that Aphrodite was born out of the whirlpool, from the sea foam. I think that the card shows Greek Goddess Aphrodite - the symbol of universal love, maternal essence which gives life to all living creatures and the new. Our universe was born of a means of struggle of opposites. Overhead this women there are 2 laps, the two SPIRALS. They are like Chinese symbol - Yin and Yang. The positive masculine spiritual nature and feminine - dark, negative, material one. These two opposites colliding together and generate new life.

The development of the world is committed to the principle of the helix, spiral.
Spiral - a symbol of development, perpetual change. This is movement towards enlightenment and wisdom, so the spiral is often depicted in the form of a curled-up snake (a symbol of wisdom). Very revolution - the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Spiral - a symbol of cyclical rhythms: the change of seasons, growth and waning of the moon, birth and death of a person. Spiral - the rhythm of life.

It is look like story about Adam and Eva. When they married they gave a birth to children, their children married and gave a birth their children, and again and again till our times when from two people was created millions the same ones living nowadays.

Nothing has changed from that time, people Born and Dead, they are the same in struggle between good and evil, between material and spiritual.
BUT....... Turning along the life wheel we do not turn the same place, we develop, we become more clever and conscious, spiral of our life is becoming wider. People are the same in face since the time of Adam and Eva but we have become different in our mentality.
Turning down our sins and bad material experience of past generations we have turned to the higher level of our spiritual developing. We are learning at the past experience to become better.

If you look closely, you can see that these circles represent the imprint of fingers. Each imprint of finger of any person in the world is unique and different.
It means that turning in the whirlpool of life and different people, it is very important for us to keep ones own unique face, not to be lost. Everyone comes into this life with ones program, and leaves a ones own unique mark on the ground will be used by the next generation for their own developing.
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