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Quantum Tarot: The Six Swords

Today when I was idly shuffling my copy of the Quantum, the Six Swords and the Eight Cups flew out of the deck. I think someone's trying to tell me something ... <grin>.

I decided to allow that accidental draw decide what cards I was going to discuss tonight, but alas, I've already talked about the Eight Cups. Never mind, there's still the Six Swords. This system ties the card in with fermions and bosons, sub-atomic particles which in the case of bosons behave even more strangely than many other very small objects - they can exist in the same place at the same time! The accompanying booklet suggests that this may parallel a sensation of crowding, as in a packed room or lift - and I know when I am shoulder to shoulder with a mass of seething strangers in a lift or some other confine, I am only too eager to escape when the doors open!

The image, in shades of pink, lilac and black (reminding me of the pink'n'black twins, but that's another story), shows us three swords pointing up and inwards from the bottom of the card, mirrored by three swords pointing in and down from the top. The top-three Swords are pointed at a star or star-cluster at the heart of a pink nebula, with shadowy birds flying through the nebula. These top Swords are skewering one particle each - the lower Swords are only skewering a pale reflection of these particles. The reflections and the originals are joined by lightning-strikes, the deck's argot for energy discharges and energy connections. In hte cloudiness in the top-third of the card is a subtle hint at a face, whilst at the bottom is some quite incongruous water, with a hint of a whale's tail-fluke slapping or diving into the water.

An interesting image, with the water that I think is primarily Pixie's fault in recent decks in an Airy card, set firmly in an intergalactic and subatomic landscape that can contain no possible Air. The traditional feeling of movement that has always been in this card is still there, though: particles jostling for space in much the same way we may sometimes, in our lives, feel a need to move away from the familiar to find a better space for ourselves.

The suggested question attached to this card is "What do you need to move away from?" I personally would have preferred "What do you need to move towards" as to me this card is not so much about escape as about reaching for better things, but I could be very wrong about these things.
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