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Well first of all, I don't own the deck. Been on the edge for ages. Anyhow, I read your entries here every now and then. First, I look at the attached picture, then I read your words.

Indeed the picture reminds me of an eye too. I feel intense energy (focused, concentrated), whether this eye is staring at me in daring manner ("so... what are you going to do next?") or the contained fire is about to burst. As you said, "temporary" situation in both cases, with exciting (explosive?) times ahead!

I wondered why you referred to the blue color as being the hotter then I remembered old times, when I was a smoker, and what my lighter's flame looked like... It makes sense to me.

Making my way through the Study Group, sucking wisdom and enjoying unique intriguing... yet so familiar cards...

If it weren't for the risk of paying customs fee I think I would immediately give in and order (or pre-order) the deck. Still on the edge
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