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Ace of wands + knight of wands (rx) + empress

I can't help but think this is about a person in your life that lacks confidence, and courage to take action with you. I'm thinking if that's the case.... He just has no idea to approach you.

Ace of wands - this is a sexy card and its about passion and having the chance to do something awesome and amazing that leaves you with a sense of wonder. Perhaps you have met someone new, or will in the near future.... OR It could just be a new project ...

Knight of wands (rx) - to me this feels like someone (i'm going to say a male here) that lacks confidence and courage to actually do much. The passion and drive is there, but it's blocked or he just doesn't have a clue

Empress - this is you ... and i'm thinking you might want to act on some plans that you've been manifesting in your life. It might be the case, if there is someone you're aware of who isn't making the first moves, and you're into that person - you may have to take the first move, if you want to that is....

Hope that resonates
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