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Originally Posted by Briar Rose View Post
Osho Zen; Fire, Success, 6 of Wands

This is the card with the woman and the Tiger. Now we've experienced participation, the totality of taking time to do a task right, and now we've got:


To me this card means persevance is the way to achive my success.

They say if you can bite a tiger on it's tail you can do anything!
I feel that the symbolism behind this character riding the tiger over the entire planet is saying that while success can and usually will feel like you are "on top of the world," do not get too heady with it because it can all turn on you in a moment's time, just as the tiger could easily turn and rip the character limb from limb. It also says that while you feel like you do not have to, keep a very keen eye out for that and those which have helped you to create this success, because there will always be that threat that will be held over you seen or unseen of falling down the ranks due to external influences.
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