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Originally Posted by Lotus Padma View Post
That's awesome! Decks are so subjective though! (like anything! Everyone has their own thang!)

I can read with a specific RWS clone deck, (hellooooo Daniloff!) and it will give me amazing answers, above and beyond other RWS clone decks. Or, I can reach into a treasure trove of other decks I am lucky enough to have, and get good insight there, too. Though maybe, less clear.

I am not sure it is the medium, so much as the message.

That said, use what suits you! it is all good. The important thing is, that you are able to get the message! I am with you in celebrating that! Raise a glass!


I personally know someone here who uses animal cracker cookies to read with, and damned if she isn't as accurate as all get-out!
That is great about your friend with the animal crackers! Yes, I agree - use what works!

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