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Hi VisionQuest,
I've been hunting around for info on the 7 Arcana and came upon this post.
Indeed, Jung was not an expert on the Tarot. He was however, when it comes to alchemy and the symbolic union of opposites. This union can be with anything that holds tension on two opposite poles. Two things that come together to form a third. Like the ocean and the beach (speaking in terms of Jungian belief) The water (unconscious - deep emotion) meets the earth (solid ground) and you have a new awareness growing within.
So opposites, yin and yang can be anthing..not just the male and female energy coming together. Even that is just symbolic in that you experience a male (active) energy which combines with female ( receptive) and a new idea (baby) is created. These are just symbols that are used to explain process.

I don't want to step on anyone's toe's here but it seems to me that if someone is brave enought to step out of the cultural norms, this is when the unconscious belief of these norms rears it's devilish head. Here,you have two opposites to contend with. That is to say - to follow your heart will be the opposite of what society teaches. I believe that self hatred is a learned thing - and can be unlearned by taking the brave steps towards the self with compassion and lack of judgement.

I strongly agree with the post about the angry father being the one who needs to change. Believing that we need to change as a way of adapting to this overpowering and dark energy how self hatred begins.
just some thoughts.
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