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Originally Posted by dancingdragon
I don't want to step on anyone's toe's here but it seems to me that if someone is brave enought to step out of the cultural norms, this is when the unconscious belief of these norms rears it's devilish head. Here,you have two opposites to contend with. That is to say - to follow your heart will be the opposite of what society teaches. I believe that self hatred is a learned thing - and can be unlearned by taking the brave steps towards the self with compassion and lack of judgement.
I think this is quite true and a perceptive observation about what this card is about.

Also, when looking at the card more universally, I think the Gay Tarot card could be looked at very simply. Like the Marseille/RWS Devil cards, it shows someone who is restricting themselves by obsessing or overly focusing on something, to their detriment. When doing a reading that is not necessarily about sexual orientation, we need to step back and look at the card more allegorically. After all, when reading with the RWS we do not assume that the Devil card means we are fated to be chained to a cement block on top of which sits a huge hairy monster.

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