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Back when "What's Your Sign?!" (And maybe rising sign and moon) were enough , I used to Think I knew a lot about astrology, and could even successfully guess people's sun sign on occasion. But now I feel rather lost , and I admit I haven't made the time and effort to even try and figure out all the aspects and geometry and what it means in a chart.This stuff really is complicated!
I turned 39 on Jan 15 th.(I'm a capricorn) My boyfriend is a Libra and is about driven me Nuts! One site I went to in the past took both our birthdays and did a compatability chart and it came out well . But lately I wonder what ever made me even Think of being with a Libra!!! ? (Sorry to any Libras out there!) . Does anyone have any wise witty advice on Dealing with a Libra? Any HELP is appreciated! <) :-D :-( ;P . Also , maybe something's going on in my chart? p.s. my rising is aquarius
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