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For Whipsilk

Like Coyoteblack I also see the prescence of the two Knights as significant, although the Knight in the Wands card is accompanying the King. Knights are indicative of action, but often times it can be rash action and if it is patience you are working on keep that in mind.

I like your thought about incorporating meditation with a tarot card. Meditation is certainly an avenue for building patience and one that you do alone. Perhpas you might want to meditate on the knights ... just a thought.

I also really liked how you broke down the options of how to work on the issue (on your own, with someone else, and/or with family). I actually think that the message may be that not only are there different ways, but that to a degree they evolve into each other. What I mean by that is that you started working on it alone, then you will need to work it with someone else, and then perhaps with your family. Some situations and people affect patience more than others ...

Also, skipping does not equal patience ... it equals rushing, something a knight would do ...
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